Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting on Deck


"What about it?" I hear you ask.

Well, Tweetdeck has changed the way I'm using Twitter. Previously I had either used the web interface or Tweetie or, on my iPhone, Echofon.

At the 4th Leading a Digital School Conference, I noticed a lot of people using Tweetdeck. And I heard an unequivocal statement that the web interface was the worst available interface for Twitter.

Then I sat in John Pearce's session on PLNs as he demostrated Tweetdeck and the lights went on in my head.

As I looked at all those tweets with the #edtech hash-tag and shortened urls leading to a wealth of useful resources, it suddenly made a whole lot of sense why educators should be on Twitter. But you need Tweetdeck (or something like it) - the right tool makes all the difference.

Get on 'Deck!